Cala Macarella (and Macarelleta) in Menorca, the most beautiful?


They say it's about the most beautiful coves of Menorca. We would not know how to tell you, it is a very subjective concept, but it is one of the most spectacular corners of Spain, a very close authentic paradise. Those of us who look for that idea of ​​coves of postcards are inCala Macarella (and Macarelleta) in Menorca its maximum exponent with a privileged environment of vegetation, crystalline blue waters, its fine sand and semi-virgin state without adulteration.

Cala Macarella forms next to Macarelleta, more hidden and small but in the same bay although separated about 300 meters, the best known coves in all of Menorca. For something it will be, right? If you are looking for more coves you have all in the article

Cala Macarella, one of the most beautiful coves in Menorca

Visiting (and enjoying) Cala Macarella

Cala Macarella It is 14 km from Ciutadella, between Castellet de Macarella and Punta de na Chuleta, very close to the Macarella lagoon and Santa Galdana cove. It is a U-shaped virgin coveand of medium size that cannot accommodate too many people. Its surroundings are a privilege, with a large vegetation of lush pine forests, a great variety of marine fauna in its waters such as eels or sea turtles and embedded between cliffs.

We especially like Cala Macarella. Although it is one of the most visited beaches and attracts many tourists, because it is that idyllic image that you have of paradise, its water is very clean of a Turquoise Color, that will allow you to see the sand under the sea.THE SERIES "MENORCA IN 1 MINUTE" NOW IN YOUTUBE: Behind the trip to Menorca We bring you the best AUDIOVISUAL EXPERIENCE. In our Youtube channel you can see the COMPLETE SERIES and then the chapter of Cala Macarella

Dream pictures to show off in winter? LOL. For that you can climb the cliffs on the right, the same ones that give access to Macarelleta and taking a little height you will have the best images

If, in addition to enjoying a day at the beach and relax, you want to do activities, in that same section of the Camí de Cavalls You have your own path and many other paths for nature lovers and even the observation of diverse fauna. It also has an area reserved for water sports, lifeguard and a small beach bar that, on this occasion, if we have taken advantage of since we had forgotten the sandwiches, haha

Of course, the beach has the usual basic services such as showers, toilets and wastebaskets distributed for use.

Cala Macarelleta, a small cove next to Macarella

Surely you are wondering "what is Macarelleta?" Let's say that Macarella's environment is formed by two coves, Cala Macarella to the north and Cala Macarelleta to the east. It is more small but we recommend that you also go, especially if you want to be calmer and enjoy that much desired disconnection sometimes although you must take into account that it is one of the coves with largest number of nudists of the island of Menorca, why be respectful (photo area of ​​the image bank of Shuttershock)

If you want a recommendation, enjoy Macarella but leave a while to visit Macarelleta and the journey that takes you there. It was one of the most scenic of our trip.

Practical facts about Cala Macarella in Menorca

How to get to Cala Macarella

You can get to Cala Macarella from Ciudadela in a very simple way, you just have to take the roundabout south at the exit to Mahón (if you go with your rental car - remember that you have up to 15% discount on the Rentalcars comparator regarding the rates that the rental companies themselves give you-) and you will find the indicative signs with the Macarella cove. Eye! the road becomes narrower in its final section but with enough sidings if you find a car in front. In a few minutes you will reach the area to park. Here there istwo parkings enabled (Google Maps from Ciutadella or Google Maps from Mahón)

From the parking lots to the beach there is not much hike on this occasion since the first one is about 15 minutes on foot and the other is 5 minutes away. He Nearby parking is priced at 5 EUR, yes. Anyway, you better avoid peak hours, as always.


Although we always give you all the information to organize the trip on your own, if you have little time or prefer to forget about preparations, you have the following option COMPLETELY IN SPANISH and with VERY GOOD OPINIONS from other travelers. This tour takes you to CALAS DEL SUR DE MENORCA BY BOAT, including food, thus having another perfect view of the island

Boat trip through the south of Menorca

Although we have not commented above, this beach is ideal to go with family with the little ones because in addition to having a beach bar, lifeguard and all necessary services for them, it is very accessible without long walks.

Places of interest in Cala Macarella

If you visit Cala Macarella, you cannot miss these special places that you will find nearby, beyond the Cala Macarella itself that is about 320 meters away and which we have already talked to you about.

- Turqueta Creek. The most famous cove in Menorca (or one of them), about 2 km.
- Cala Galdana. One of the largest in all of Menorca, less virgin but with more shops, restaurants, hotels ...
- Cala Mitjana. Virgin cove south of Menorca, very beautiful and accessible to everyone, about 3km.
- It's talaier. Also just over 3km from Macarella, is Es Talaier. It is one of the smallest but it has a greenish water or beautiful aquamarine. It is another of the most beautiful on the island.

A good combination could be to spend the day between these coves and arrive in Turqueta in the afternoon, without sailboats or boats from the capital and much quieter.

Hotels to stay in Cala Macarella

Although we have recommended you in each cove some of the nearby hotels / apartments that have the best opinions, we also leave you those in the Macarella area:

- Cala Galdana Apartment 51: Just over 1 kilometer, this accommodation is one of the most recommended in the heart of Cala Galdana, It has a TV, dining room, kitchen and microwave. It is one of the most complete and best rated apartments.
- Artiem Audax Adults Only: This accommodation is located 2 minutes from the beach (200 meters from Cala Galdana) and features views of the bay, SPA and 2 restaurants.
- PortBlue La Quinta Hotel: A luxury hotel only adults only 400 meters from the beach of Cala'n Bosch where in addition to a hot tub, sauna and bathroom, pool, gym, the Son Xoriguer restaurant is at your disposal, as well as a grill bar and another cocktail.
- Barceló Hamilton Menorca: You already know that we decided our base in Es Castells (next to Mahón) for the whole week. You already have the full review with video included if you want to read it (do not miss its rooftop with hot tubs or to take a gintonic with the sunset in the background)

What do you think of these coves now that we have told you about them? Do you think Cala Macarella can be considered the prettiest in Menorca? Difficult choice, right? What is clear is that, you decide for which you decide, you will return in love with the paradise island.

Paula and Isaac, from Cala Macarella (Menorca)