Apartments Baolafuente in Rasines


Very close to the main town of Ramales de la Victoria, but isolated from it by a road that borders the river and embedded in the middle of nature, are the Baolafuente apartments in Rasines, an excellent option for everyone but specially designed for those families or friends who want to set a base for their vacations. Today we tell you our opinion after our stay in them

More specifically, we tell you our experience in an apartment on the second floor with truly spectacular views of the surroundings.

Apartments Baolafuente in Rasines ... or rather in the middle of nature

Although administratively the Baolafuente Apartments They are considered part of Rasines, it is fair to say that we are more than enough distance from the urban center to consider ourselves part of the nature of lush vegetation, rivers and forests that abound in this region.

Access here, leaving in the distance the main town of Ramales de la Victoria, is not at all complicated since it is perfectly signposted at the entrance of Rasines (or final if you come from Ampuero)

But, Is it a good base to settle for several days? !YES! Definitely. If you are one of those who prefer that the disconnection be complete, the location of these apartments will give it to you, but without neglecting the proximity of many of the main attractions that this area offers such as hiking, gastronomy, natural sites, bicycle, viewpoints, caves -especially those of Ramales and the Covalanas Cave which we already talked about-, historical heritage, etc ...

The Baolafuente apartments in Rasines, a luxury in detail

To enter the Baolafuente apartments is to realize that the concept is thinking to the last detail for the guest. Spacious rooms with several bedrooms, bathrooms and a living room with kitchenette and living room will be our perfect home.

He Main bedroom It is a "cool", with a window that makes you want to lie down since you enter ... to read and disconnect?

All the furniture is new, with a modern touch of colors and clear finishes, avant-garde lighting and enough closets for a long stay. It also has heating in case you want to go in a more winter time.

He another bedroom nor does he forget all the details and, although we did not use it (it is intended to go with family or friends as we said in the introduction), it presents a more rustic look with those stone walls

The bathrooms, both in the main room and in the corridor, also continue the same concept, very well equipped, clean and tidy.

Although without a doubt, the star of the house is that spectacular lounge that really inspires you the feeling of being in the middle of the environment surrounded by fields where the cows grazed, breathing that tranquility that inspires.

On the one hand there is the American-style kitchen, perfectly equipped with a sink, ceramic hob, crockery and enough cutlery, fridge, freezer, microwave and everything that any group would need for their self-feeding (usually people just arrive usually make a purchase at the supermarket).

On the other is a sofa that makes a bed and a large table where not only consider meals but, with that window, even be part of the life of the house.

We talked about the environment. Bucolic would possibly be the word that would best fit in this place. We are really in a dream place only broken by the cows or television dying, which it also has, for those who need ties to the "real world."

Of course you have WIFI open in the entire building (something that can not be missing even in the most isolated place on the planet) and a swimming pool for summer (that children will enjoy, no doubt)

You don't have to worry about the parking of the Baolafuente apartments in Rasines, since they have thought about it and it is ample and included in the whole price of your reservation.

Of course, in addition to all the possible activities, there is life beyond the apartment itself and it is that outdoors, for the days of better weather, you have about comfortable sofas and tables where you also enjoy a small Breakfast buffet every morning (there is also an indoor stay)

What if I don't feel like cooking? You are in one of the places where you eat best in Spain! Either in Rasines or in Ramales de la Victoria you have a la carte restaurants or cheap menus to do so.

What if I don't want to move? A pizza delivery! The same manager gives you the number upon arrival as well as all the options of restaurants, supermarkets and activities that you want.

Final assessment of the Baolafuente apartments in Rasines. Our opinion

You already know what we like to discover different accommodations, charming inns and other types of rooms, and in this case the Baolafuente apartments in Rasines represents one of those options that do not disappoint.

Prices?The cheapest apartment in Booking (You already know that we have it integrated because we always use it and it can be canceled up to 24 hours before) for a stay of 6 days, around 360 euros, that is 60 EUR per night. If we consider that this is for an apartment with 2 rooms and we come with friends, we are talking from EUR 30 (EUR 45 in high season) per couple, which seems very affordable. Check availability and prices here for Baolafuente Apartments in Rasines, Cantabria.

As PROs, without a doubt, almost all of the comments come in. Luxurious, modern, comfortable, in a bucolic environment ideal for disconnecting, facilities of all kinds for activities, eat cheaply (supermarket) or to carefree, etc ...

Between the AGAINST We could only say that our stay would depend a lot on the type of trip you consider. We would choose to come in a group, either with friends or family with children, rather than for a stop on the route. Maybe also for a long stay of at least a long weekend or even 1-2 weeks as a base

Would we recommend it? Valued the type of stay you want, no doubt YES. We loved it and would recommend it to anyone. Moreover, it is very possible that we will return with friends soon.

Isaac and Paula, from the Baolafuente apartments in Rasines (Cantabria)