Rickshaw Inn in Takayama


Follow our journey through Japanin the area of ​​the Japanese Alps and the route will take us to old Takayama. We have chosen among the possible options the Rickshaw Inn, a recommended Ryokan in travel forums.

Takayama, formerly known as Hida-Takayama, is located in the middle of the Japanese Alps. Land of carpenters, loggers and cabinetmakers, it has an old area worth visiting. What criteria to stay here?

- We're not going to spend much tonight.
- We do not take away the idea of ​​continuing to enjoy the Japanese Ryokanes ...
-… Therefore, the room will be Japanese style with private bathroom.
- We want to be staying in an area near the last neighborhoods of the day.

his Location great. On the other side of the old area of ​​Takayama and next to the river.

The room with the typical Japanese futons. It has Wi-Fi connection if they have a laptop and completely free. It also has air conditioning, TV, hairdryer, satellite, etc ... The bathroom has shampoo, soap, conditioner, hair brush and body and hand towels.

More things to note is that the last hour of entry is 00:00 (it has a curfew -curfew-) and smoking is not allowed in all the RyokanOs we invite, as always, to make a "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel with us.
Takayama is a small town where you can reach all the places on foot. Within that, it is best to stay on the side of the river that overlooks the station. There is the Rickshaw Inn, less than 5 minutes from it and less than 5 minutes from the old area. A perfect location. We arrived here by recommendations of travelers forums, and the truth is that we must say that they were right. This familiar Ryokan is small and cozy.

Upon arrival (after leaving the shoes at the entrance), giving the reception bell a kindly woman attends to us. We do the Check-in and we pay for the accommodation in advance. They accept credit card.

From there you go up the stairs and you will give a kind of lounge-library which has everything from all kinds of books (in English and Japanese), to a mini-kitchen (with coffee maker, fridge, kitchen to heat, etc ...) and a few tables to sit on ...

Behind this room are the rooms. Our room very cuca. This tatami is already distributed unlike in other Ryokans where they come to put the futon at night. On the one hand there is the small table and TV and on the other hand the futons already placed to sleep and next to the Yukatas (very cool these, by the way)

Needless to say, the cleaning, as in other places in Japan (even the street) is impeccable. Everything looks clean and looks new, decorated even with some pictures and Japanese fabrics. bath, not being the best we have had, it perfectly fulfills its function. It is located at the entrance to the left and is distributed in 3 areas: - In the middle there is a kind of sink with all the necessary things: toothbrush, colonies, etc ...
- On the left there is a W.C.
- On the right is the "poceta" bathtub with its shampoos, soaps and bath gels.

Finally, note that portable rental is also available at reception to connect to internet at the price of 500 and every half hour. They give it to you with their instructions and you put it in the room.

We make the reservation by email, although it can already be done by booking search engines. Of course, our usual Japanese type room with bedroom and private bathroom. He 2 people night price It is 11,900 yen (approximately 72.50 euros) excluding meals.Check availability and prices here for the Rickshaw Inn

Would we recommend it? Of course yes. Another Ryokan that we do not hesitate to recommend in CHAVETAS.ES

Isaac, from Takayama (Japan)