Vila Bicuda Resort in Cascais


That Cascais is the ideal option for those looking for a vacation beyond Lisbon, far from the high pace of the city and a few kilometers by car or train, in addition to providing the traveler with cultural, nature (or Sintra) options , with or without beach tourism as we tell you in you already know all, right? And that is ideal for a family trip too and if not, we invite you to read. In this article we will try to answer that question you have asked us these days about accommodation with a small review of the Vila Bicuda Resort and why we think, always in our opinion, the best alternative (to that Martinhal Lisbon Cascais Family Resort Hotel, reference in the hotel offer of children) with a much more affordable price list for everyone.

In addition, in this small analysis, little Olivia has a lot to say since those who travel with children know that we now seek to cover different needs than before. However, the article is made for everyone, traveling with children, as a couple or even alone, in the most descriptive way possible.

Vila Bicuda Resort in Cascais, a paradise in the Sintra-Cascais natural park

Like other options in the area such asSheraton Cascais Resort, he Senhora da Guia Cascais Boutique Hotel or ownMartinhal Lisbon Cascais Family Resort Hotel, he Vila Bicuda Resort bet on the area already within the natural park of Sintra-Cascais in its southern zone and 5 minutes from the center of Cascais, like that location that combines tranquility and relaxation just 5 kilometers from the wild beaches of the west coast like Gincho. This gives this resort the fact of being able to boast of being the ideal base also for those lovers of nature, sports such as golf, horse riding (many spaces dedicated to it are seen on the road), tennis and a multitude of other aquatic such as sailing, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

From the moment you pass through the door of the enclosure, either in your own car or for rent or witha transfer from Lisbon airport, you realize that you enter a ideal environment for rest, finding on the right a series of facilities where the main services of the Vila Bicuda are, including the reception (it is not 24 hours but if it has a wide schedule from 7 in the morning to the night), the security guard's stay (all the enclosure is guarded and with access fences only for guests) and private parking.

It seems that in summer it also has several entertainment activities but we, because of the dates we have gone, could not verify them. What we can attest to is the availability of a cafeteria-pastry shop with terrace right next to a nursery where children can be left if desired, meeting spaces, a beauty center and a fairly large supermarket with a little of everything

It also has laundry and restaurant that we saw a little in passing because, it almost always took us on the road. In any case, the so-called A Taberna da Bicuda has very good opinions for those who want to try their traditional Portuguese and international cuisine for dinner.

More facilities that make it ideal for families ... a playground with swings! Let them tell Oli that he had his ration every time he saw them from afar

We said that the Vila Bicuda Resort is thinking to the last detail for the holiday tourism of families or friends but do not forget about pets. Dogs and cats are welcome with the only condition that they go on a leash in the common areas

The rest of the huge area that covers the resort includes two swimming pools in the middle of the main gardens and a small spa

The best of an apartment with the facilities of a hotel

If something we had to stand out above all, even the excellent facilities, it is the concept of accommodation that has to mix the best of having an apartment / villa with the service of a hotel. The resort has villas and suites T0, T1, T1 Duplex, T2 and T3 that allows you to choose the one that best suits your needs. So, if you come with a little one, with a more "simple" villa (which is immense) it will be enough, but if you come with friends, there are options to accommodate up to 6 adults and others with two floors. If you want something more collected, you have other more "study" type.

Ours was a 1 bedroom T1 villa with cot available which, in practice, becomes a beautiful couplet with terrace to eat outside, parking for your car on the side that overlooks the road and exit through the kitchen to the pool area

From the moment you enter you realize that space is not going to be missing. A huge hall with dining table and chairs, sofa, TV, fireplace and bedside table, even a high chair designed for the little one, well thought-out lamps and lighting, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi connection are the best welcome

The same happens in the bedroom, already inside, overlooking the gardens and pool, large, bright and with large closets, the bed with a comfortable mattress and a variety of pillows for all tastes

Is in the kitchen where you realize that if you are looking for long stays, this is your place ... there is no lack of detail! A second smaller table, hob, oven, microwave, dishwasher, kettle, fridge and freezer and, above all, a large tableware where there is no lack of the smallest detail such as a juicer and blender (necessary for Oli's food)

However, we said above that there is no lack of hotel amenities and is that who does not want to make a purchase (which you can do in the own supermarket inside) to use it 100% as an apartment where you can make your breakfast, lunch and dinner, you have the service of the cafeteria and restaurant but also with other own comforts of a hotel: they clean every day, they put the dishwasher if you have not put it, they take care of the garbage, etc…

To highlight another detail, they received us with a bottle of champagne, although we do not know if it depends on the type of villa and duration of the stay or is done in all the receptions.

Vila Bicuda Resort, an economical alternative to Martinhal

It says the motto of Vila Bicuda Resort What are they "the perfect starting point for a family holiday"and the truth is that it is so. However, it is impossible not to make the comparison with the reference in terms of accommodation for children in Cascais and that is the Martinhal Lisbon Cascais Family Resort Hotel but we talk about somewhat different concepts. The latter offers a variety of services and incredible activity programs adapted by age groups for children, if you are one of those who are looking to enjoy with your family and also have time for yourself while the little ones enjoy, there is no better option. However, we are facing a five star with luxury family villas and that is paid ... double! and not always one can afford it. If like us, you are one of those who likes to spend more time outside the resort than inside even if you are looking for certain privileges, without a doubt Vila Bicuda Resort It is your choice since you will have the best accommodation at adjusted rates and you can use the rest of the budget to other activities or even gastronomic proposals

If we had to put a fault, maybe it would be the one that closes the cafeteria on Wednesdays, which limits your breakfast option and does not accept a card either here or in the restaurant (there is an ATM available, though). Nor would we recommend it to those looking for a place with animation because it is the opposite. Otherwise, We hope this review of the Vila Bicuda Resort has helped you to decide your family accommodation in Cascais. If you go, don't forget to leave your opinion for future travelers!

Oli, Paula and Isaac, from the Vila Bicuda Resort in Cascais (Portugal)