Best dinner cruise on the Seine: which one to choose and opinion


Are you organizing your trip to Paris and are those who like to do special things to enjoy the night? Of course, there are plans and PLANS. The night of Montparnasse, the Latin Quarter or having a drink in the Champs Elysees or other emblematic places, can be great experiences. However, there is something that you should not forget during your visit day or night. We tell you in this article our experience on a cruise with dinner on the Seine at sunset We thought it was a perfect excursion to complete our last step through the capital of France but we also describe in detail everything we value for Know which to choose, prices, schedules and our opinion so that you decide your best option.

They are approximately two hours of activity (the previous option is less time) in which you can enjoy a perfect symbiosis between gastronomy, tranquility and the best panorama that, if you have a good memory, you will never forget.

Why choose a cruise with dinner on the Seine at sunset?

Have you ever had dinner on a cruise? And on a cruise in Paris? If you are looking for an easy answer to the question of "why have dinner on a cruise on the Seine?" The answer is "and why not?" For us there is a lot that changes between walking along the Seine by day and this experience and it is that everything is transformed into a very special magical atmosphere, much more limited capacity and with a totally different light, accompanied by a rich gastronomic proposal.

SPECIAL EXPERIENCES FOR A NIGHT IN PARIS: You know what we like to look for plans to enjoy at night wherever we go and in Paris, even if Paula was pregnant, it wasn't going to be less. This time we can talk to you first hand and under our real experience from:

Moulin Rouge show in Paris: tickets, dinner and opinion in which we give you all the available options. In fact, we made dinner at Amelié's restaurant and then we went to the show that, it must be said, WE LOVED.
Dining at the Eiffel Tower: restaurant, prices and opinion where we tell you all alternatives to do it and, above all, the prices. Undoubtedly, a special evening in a special place, with some additions (priority entry without queues, being able to go up to the second floor without waiting ...)
- Best dinner cruise on the Seine: which one to choose and opinion what you are reading to enjoy the Seine at sunset. It was our farewell to Paris and seeing the illuminated tower from the river to older people of the evening, it is not done every day

Imagine a cruise prepared with Beautifully decorated tables, elegantly dressed waiters, a piano or animation according to the ship and all Paris illuminated while enjoying a fancy dinner next to a panoramic window.

That, in essence, is a cruise with dinner on the Seine and what differentiates the day and night walk, a relaxed walk for about two hours during which the waiters are serving the dishes of a menu that you choose between different proposals of the day, being able to climb to the deck When you want to see what is on its banks.

The vision offered by this experience is totally different to which you can have if you decide to visit Paris in a "traditional" way walking through its streets, since from the top or from the panoramic windows you will have the opportunity to see the famous Parisian bridges, passing under them, the Conciergerie, the Palace of Justice, the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower illuminated in all its splendor… and much more.

The fact that it is dinner and not food gives it a more romantic and magical touch because you can see the entire city illuminated once the sun goes down.

What is the best dinner cruise on the Seine? Options, prices and features

If you have decided to live this unique experience you have to know that there are several different boats that offer this service. There are differences between them, especially gastronomic or even capacity, so we give you the best options so you can choose freely. They usually offertwo different times in summer, one that is around six thirty in the afternoon (of less duration) and another later on half past nine (this usually happens 2 hours) reducing to one in winter.

Below we detail the most common cruise options with dinner on the Seine (The cheapest price corresponds to the earliest schedule, which increases as a more nocturnal schedule or more elaborate menus are chosen). The different shipping companies are:

- Dinner cruise on the Seine with Bateaux Mouche It is possibly the most complete option after our investigation. The prices range from € 79. The boats offer a fully glazed surface to enjoy panoramic views and from the company guarantee that all products are fresh and all dishes are cooked at the moment. It has violin and piano animation + PIER
- Dinner cruise on the Seine with Bateaux Parisiens prices oscillate between € 69 and € 205. All types of reservation include a 2 and a half hour trip, menu, drink and musical entertainment. The company characterizes the cruise as a magical experience marked by gastronomy and refinement+ PIER
- Dinner cruise on the Seine with Marina de Paris It is one of the companies that offers a vegetarian alternative. Their ships are wider than the previous ones. There are only two types of gastronomic menus, one for each dinner shift. From base price, which is € 60 and € 71, evening and night, You can add extras such as the table next to the window, birthday cake and fortait of wine or champagne+ PIER
Dinner cruise on the Seine with Le Diamant Bleu very similar to the previous one, starting with € 69 base menus with water up to € 79 and begins at the Cité de la Mode et du Design or the Musée d'Orsay. In winter they only have departures on Saturdays+ PIER
Dinner cruise on the Seine with Capitaine Fracasse It also offers the menu through the web and the prices of the different types of bookable cruises go from € 65 to € 99, both are prices from, that is, they can grow with extras and additives+ PIER

We have left the departure piers for you to choose based on the one that best suits you according to your day. The Best located are the Bateaux Mouches, Bateaux Parisiens and Marina de Paris.

OTHER BOAT COMBINATIONS BY SENA:There are many possibilities for those who do not want lunch or dinner but if you walk along the Seine as well as combinations of the cruise with other experiences to further optimize the night:

Night tour, cruise and Eiffel Tower, a fantastic option to get to know Paris, first on a tour through the streets and then along the river (we just need to fly ...), to end up climbing the Eiffel Tower without queues!
Tourist boat in Paris, in case you don't feel like it is night. It is clear that seeing the city illuminated is an extra and offers beautiful views but you may go with children and prefer to be at the hotel soon or for any other reason.
 Eiffel Tower + Seine Cruise, one hour boat ride with priority entrance by elevator to the first or second floor of the most emblematic monument of the city. It is a good option to combine the perspectives of the city: at the water level and above the monuments.

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Some of these companies have among their different options with dinner for special days the year, such as Valentine's Day, Christmas or New Year's Eve. Prices are significantly higher, yes. There are also combined sunset cruise options and then dinner at restaurants associated with the shipping company such as Paris in Scène (not with too many good opinions) or theParisien Bistro although you would no longer do it for the Seine.

Dinner cruise with Bateaux Mouches: our opinion and real experience

Among all the options available, and after many laps,we choose the Dinner cruise on the Seine with Bateaux Mouche because it was the one that gave us the best impression, good opinions in Tripadvisor for those who value the global experience and because it was going to be our farewell to Paris and we wanted something really special. Of the two schedules we chose the second one (what Spanish dinner at 6pm?) With departure from Port of the Conférence, located on the Soul Bridge and a total of approximately two and a quarter hours.

You can arrive a little earlier without problem because you have access to the Panoramic Restaurant Le Club and you can even have a cocktail, beer or drink if you wish.

Subsequently the shipment begins in which You are assigned your table, practically all of them attached to the large windows except for large groups that have circular tables. Upon entering you are served the wine you want from the menu with a snack while everyone arrives.

From the moment you set sail on the river, one has absolute freedom to move around the ship and even exit to the deck which is accessed by stairs (Take some warm clothes here depending on the time of year) and see everything without crystals in between, which is always much more beautiful and spectacular.

With the menu, they also provide you with a map of the emblematic places we are going through if you want to be attentive and photograph some special, and immediately begin to serve you the dishes chosen from the menu. This is made up of First 5, 5 seconds, 6 desserts, coffee or tea and 1 bottle of wine for every 2 people.

The food was the promised, sophisticated and elaborate French gastronomy and, from here we already entered into the subjectivity of each one. Our opinion? We thought it was worth it. Among the dishes we tried the oyster pate and onion confit, salmon tartare mounted like a strudel, a micut of white tuna and vegetables, chicken supreme, red and raspberry sablé with mascarpone and red fruits. There is nothing!

As we are quite "restless ass" and that Paula should be tired already with Oli in the belly and already many days away from home, we do not stop going up and down, especially at dusk when we started to go through the most famous buildings.

Although the time of night came when we passed the height of the Eiffel Tower, that as is the route with respect to the departure / arrival jetty, you will arrive with it lit leaving a really beautiful print. We could also see the small Statue of Liberty.

The final part back to the pier, with the violinist and pianist playing and everything is already obscured, it becomes a "special" return with all Paris illuminated around us.

We hope that we have been sufficiently descriptive, but for this there are the photos, and this article will serve to choose your cruise with dinner on the Seine that you like. For those who have already been, tell us your experience in the comments. We want to know how you lived it!

Paula and Isaac, dinner cruise on the Seine