Visiting Cayo Levisa


Haven't you ever dreamed of being lost from the world, as in the program "Survivors", far from any part of civilization, isolated from everything, without telephone, without internet? Obviously it is not the same, but the fact of being able to wake up in a small cabin, undress and hit you as soon as you wake up a first dip in clean and crystal clear waters without worrying about anything ... it's a feeling of freedom !! Freedom? We'll talk about it in the days of Havana ...

The day had woken up better than yesterday DAY 7 OF THE TRIP, but it was still windy and cold on the island, so after the bath we decided to have breakfast and "explore" it. At 9am, the first Ferry left for the mainland, and there our animating friends left (with their guitar) and there was a shift in the kitchen.

Cayo Levisa is a 3 km long Cay of white sand and sapphire-colored waters and barely 500 m wide. It is part of the Los Colorados archipelago and was discovered by Ernest Hemingway in the early 40s.

In the area of ​​the town (in the center of the Cayo) you don't feel completely alone, but as you walk towards the extremes the feeling of Robinson Crusoe is total, with no one around, between the countryside, the beach, the trees, the hermits ...

After enjoying as dwarves for most of the morning and then lying in the sun, we finally decided to return from the Cayo Levisa (ARTICLE IN CHAVETAS WITH ALL THE DETAILS HERE) towards the mainland and continue heading, around 1pm. We speak with reception and we go in a boat taxi (10 CUC each). On the crossing we are able to see a "sea turtle" !!!!What an illusion!! We had never seen one live.

Well, here is our Athosito! Did you miss us? Surely not, hahahaha. We are heading to Viñales, which is just 52 km away, yes, from bad inland roads.

Viñales It covers more than 15,000 hectares and has all kinds of agricultural plantations (bananas, tobacco, coffee, sugar cane, oranges, avocados ...). This magestuosity of nature has from huge pines, to limestone cliffs in the shape of bulbs. It is one of the most wonderful natural enclaves of Cuba and was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999 due to its spectacular rocky outcrops

In one of them, on the way to the main town, we find the famous Indian Cave where we planted when all the tourists were eating so we saw it practically alone (5 CUC entry, 0.90 CUC vanilla cookies to eat, 1 CUC a sugarcane juice that they sold outside and that with Ron was delicious, hehehe)

The Cueva del Indio is an ancient Indian residence discovered in 1920. It really is quite touristy. It has some cave and the rest of the way you do it in a boat that crosses a underground lake. Not bad, it's pretty.

Its outer part is almost as beautiful as its interior. That busy vegetation tucked into the rocky mountains is especially photogenic.

It is at this time of the trip when we get tired of the "PALQUEOOOOOO" and we begin to NOT pay an uncle who is in an immense esplanade where cars are parked looking at the sky and taking out the boogers and asks for money to watch your car. !! It's ok !! ... !!! IT'S FINISHED !!!

A little further on we enter the Viñales town. The first thing we do is change money in a CADECA (at 1.38 CUC for €) and ask where to sleep. They indicate a house very close to the party area and we think it is a good area. On the way we learn how to say "stingy" in Cuban gesture, because some children do it to us, hehehe.

We end up in Elisa House (ARTICLE IN CHAVETAS WITH ALL THE DETAILS HERE) where a woman with two kind old ladies welcome us (20 CUC the accommodation both). There we leave things and we are ready to take advantage of the last hours of light to see the historic center of Viñales: the main square and the Polo Montañez Cultural Center, where the jarana is organized at night and buy the last postcards (8,10 CUC )

At this moment we began to have a feeling similar to the one we had the DAY 2 TRAVEL and DAY 3 TRAVEL in Trinidad. The people are happy. He walks around us without stress, making his life. The houses that surround the main road are short, quiet little town type drawn from the cartoons. The streets are lined with pine trees, the neighbors sitting in their rocking chairs observe the outside atmosphere on their terraces. It's one of the more welcoming places From the trip…

Before dark we return home where a succulent dinner awaits us (tonight is pork) before leaving again (20 CUC both). We prepare to enjoy the night.

And as promised, the party was great, as in Trinidad, of the best. Live music, people dancing, atmosphere !!! We met a majestic and hilarious "peasant" (farmer) with whom we spent the night with daikiris and cubatas (38 CUC).

We love her so much, as always, that we end up chatting with the singer who animated the party, who sang a song by Robin Williams and not the same. !!WHAT A VOICE!!!.

It was after 6 in the morning when we entered "the hut of the 3 little pigs" in which we slept. That night !! We even had a cold time !!, or that is our memory ... I also remember "Yoda" knocking on the door to wake us up to ride a horse, but that's a long story ... ZzZzZz

Juve and Isaac, from Viñales (Cuba)

EXPENSES DAY: 118 CUC (approx € 85.51)