The beach in Cancun, between the sun and tequila


We woke up another day in Cancun and we woke up with more sun. The storms we had had the first days had already passed and we only had to enjoy some wonderful days that few of us had left. After spending a few days visiting the area a bit, both in Cozumel and in the Xcaret Park, it was time to continue catching some Caribbean brown and take a good rest again from the beach in Cancun.

Let the rhythm not stop! We were still on the beach in Cancun

Little remains to comment on the days of sun and beach in Cancun. We had everything to relax and enjoy, lor that anyone wants when it comes to a trip of these conditions. We still keep the brochure of the accommodation in which we enjoy our stay (which we talked aboutDAY 8-9 of the trip).

We take the day to continue enjoying the beach in Cancun in the appetizing Caribbean waters, always blue and warm.

Of course, very hot, that after a good meal, lent itself to agood nap of the hobby in hammock, right? or on a sunbed by the pool.

If the pastDAY 5-6-7 We commented on the possibilities of going to the beach in Cancun, the nightlife and its places to have a drink or party, there were no less the multitude of options for dining or relaxing with a cocktail in your hand (which still we keep memories).


In 2013 we returned to the Yucatan, this time to Riviera Maya, and we made a very complete and updated diary with all the necessary information to choose your vacations, hotels and / or excursions. Expand your information in the side menu or directly in the Travel diary to Riviera Maya

The most famous restaurants and with the best reviews would be for example the Lorenzillos, Its specialty is seafood and the value for money is very good, where you will always want to repeat, it is located a few steps from the Nichupte Lagoon. Another also quite famous is the Madero Port, from Buenos Aires, in which its name is based on the homonymous neighborhood of the city. We can taste, meat dishes, octopus and seafood, I recommend booking especially for the weekend that is when more influx of people usually have.

The vast majority of these restaurants are very well set, with all kinds of shows as well as with regional music, reggaes, merengue or salsa.

We only had one more day in paradise and to enjoy the beach in Cancun, we would end our trip heading back to the sad reality. But this wasn't over yet since we had a pending account, remember? Tomorrow we will finally fulfill our "debts" with the archeological past of Cancun and try our luck again. Let's go to Tulum!

Isaac & Family, from Cancun (Mexico)