Weather in Riviera Maya? !!Forget!!


If you have come here, you have the same doubts that we had before leaving for a vacation on the weather in Riviera Maya, in our case in the month of August (hurricane month - here you have our travel diary to Riviera Maya-). Well, forget it! Today we leave the most adventurous destinations and we leave you a nice video for those looking for a much more traditional holiday, without worrying about anything ... and less time.

(Javi, this video goes for you)

These days we were just asking in our Facebook What destination would you choose between the Caribbean, Maldives, Mauritius or Polynesia if you could only choose one, and although Polynesia and Maldives ravaged, we must recognize that the Caribbean, and among Caribbean destinations especially Riviera Maya, have several aspects that convince: quality / price ratio and activities not conditioned to the weather

Do you want 10 reasons to forget the weather in Riviera Maya?

Didn't you get the video? The first thing you have to know is that we are in a tropical climate, and that means that it is normal that at any time of the year 30-45 minutes of heavy rain fall, usually in the evening, which is even appreciated but ... Stop spinning! Here they go 10 reasons for you to forget the Riviera Maya weather.

1. Because with temperatures between 29 and 33ºC it is even appreciated

The average annual temperature of all this part of the Mexican Caribbean is 25.5ºC, varying between 29ºC and 33ºC during the day, and rarely lowering from 20ºC at night. A shower, at certain times of the day, may become welcome.

2. Because there is cultural and leisure life after the complex.

And it is that Riviera Maya is one of the few holiday destinations that offers an impressive Mayan cultural and leisure offer. Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, Coba, Tulum? And why not a cenote? Or a park like Xel-ha, Xcaret or Puerto Aventuras?


3. Because you'll never miss tequila (or piña colada, or margarita, or ...)

!! A shower falls !! ! S.O.S.! As? It will be by bars. What do you have to try today? Tequila boom boom, with tequila and lemon, tequila copichulea ... Or are you more of the fabulous cocktails that you can prepare while waiting for the shower to pass?


4. Because practically all the complexes have parties, shows and shows to liven up the day.

And some of them worthy of the best theme park worth its salt: Pirates of the Caribbean, White Party, Michael Jackson ...


5. Because in Playa del Carmen is the Cocobongo

And what is the Coco Bongo? Possibly one of the most impressive show-disco from any holiday tourist destination in the world.


6. Because you can enjoy its cuisine

The Mexican Gastronomy, despite its reputation for spicy, has one of the most varied offers in the world, especially based on its excellent fruits and vegetables.


7. For the facilities that have this type of complex (Tennis, soccer, sport bar, ...)

Rains? And that? Will you tell us that you don't feel like playing that football game that you haven't played for a long time? Ah, that you are one of those who like to see them with a little crown in his hand ... ... then to SportBar! They are throwing the final of the Super Cup. It will be for activities ...


8. Because purchases don't fail even in the most lost place

If we were able to buy souvenirs in a small lost atoll of MaldivesWhat about the big shopping centers on the road that takes Tulum to Playa del Carmen? Or in Playa del Carmen itself or Isla Mujeres? Fabric hammocks, local crafts or ... that bottle of tequila for your father-in-law.


9. Because there are at least a dozen water activities that can be done equally

Diving, snorkeling, down a river (Xel-Ha) and a long list of activities that do not depend on the weather, especially if you have the head "dive" in the underwater world


10. Because time is crazy, and there is no one who predicts anything

The greatest frosts in centuries in the north, insufferable heats in the south, cyclogenesis after cyclogenesis in Galicia. Dry and rainy seasons are over. The time is crazy. Is it really worth worrying about him?


And you, Do you really think you still have to keep an eye on the Riviera Maya weather on your next vacation? Well, you can still read our travel diary to Riviera Maya 2013 and write to us whenever you want to solve your doubts.

Isaac, Paula, Silvia and Javi, enjoying the time in Riviera Maya (Mexico)