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It's Christmas already in and in the next few days we will begin to tell you a little more than our next CHRISTMAS STORY. But before, we did not want to close this 2011 without making an article that we promised to tell you when we started this year ... the mysteries that enclose the subsoils of the eternal city, ROME


It has been more than 2 and a half years since our last visit, the getaway to Rome 2008, and every day it becomes more affordable to reach the Italian capital from anywhere in Spain. On that occasion we had opted for the clickair option but the options have multiplied in recent times.

Rome is possibly the European city of greatest historical importance. Cradle of civilizations, cradle of Catholicism and cradle of cultures, has more than three millennia of events and secrets. But if its splendor is enormous, not least the events, myths and mysteries that enclose their subsoils. Kilometers of catacombs, underground galleries and necropolis, as well as the Catacombs of Paris that described us so well in not long ago (although of different origin), they represent an essential visit for any lover of the esoteric. Are you coming to explore them with us?

Contrary to what historians initially believed, the catacombs of Rome were excavated by Christians during the difficult and persecuting times of S.II, making them a true place of worship as well as a graveyard of horizontally arranged niches levels, and of long and narrow corridors. The best known and important (San Calixto, San Sebastian and Domitila) are located a few steps from each other along the Via Appia and well connected by buses 218 and 118 (see ATAC Trovalinea)


OPENING: Open every day except Wednesday, the month of February, January 1, December 25 and Easter Sunday
SCHEDULE: From 9.00 to 12.00. From 14.00 to 17.00
PRICES: € 8.00 (€ 5.00 reduced price)

When talking about Christian catacombs, a name quickly comes to mind, the Catacombs of San Calixto (which we already visited that DAY 2 of the trip to ROME 2008). This is because they are considered the most important and imposing of all Rome, considered even the Cradle of Christianity and the Early Church.

The visit is done in a group and usually lasts between 40-50 min. In it we enter a small part of what are some galleries that host more than 1 million graves and whose oldest part takes us through the Crypts of Lucina, the Crypt of the Popes and Santa Cecilia.


OPENING: Open every day except Tuesdays and January
SCHEDULE: From 9.00 to 12.00. From 14.00 to 17.00
PRICES: € 8.00 (€ 5.00 reduced price)

They are the largest in Rome, and considered by many to be the best after San Calixto. They consist of 17 km of underground galleries, excavated in 4 levels.

The most impressive point of the visit, of approximately 1 hour, arrives with the basilica of the Nereo and Aquileo martyrs, which is accessed by modern stairs that become primitive in its final section.


OPENING: Open every day except Sundays, from November 22 to December 20, Christmas and New Year's Day.
SCHEDULE: From 9.00 to 12.00. From 14.00 to 17.00
PRICES: € 8.00 (€ 5.00 reduced price)

His name is given by the most famous martyr buried here, San Sebastian, but he also venerates the memory of the apostles Peter and Paul.

After descending some stairs, and after several passages, we arrive at the Crypt of San Sebastian that contains a table altar.

But these are not the only catacombs that can be visited in Rome. If we travel to the North, taking any of the 60, 84 or 90 buses, we would arrive at the Via Nomentana, next to the Santa Agnese catacombs. If on the contrary we take any of buses 63, 86, 92 and 310, we would plant ourselves on the Via Nemorense, very close to the Catacombs of Priscilla


OPENING: Open every day except Monday afternoon, Sundays and Holidays
SCHEDULE: From 9.00 to 12.00. From 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
PRICES: 4,00 €

It is thought that Agnese was martyred at the time of Valerianus or Diocletian, in the early years of the IV century, and these catacombs, most likely, belonged to his family, although more details are unknown exactly.


OPENING: Open every day except Monday and January.
SCHEDULE: From 9.00 to 12.00. From 14.00 to 17.00
PRICES: 5,00 €

Built on Via Salaria, it is one of the largest and oldest in Rome, with its origin at the end of S.II

Priscilla was the founder of the cemetery, a member of the Aclli Glabiones family, in whose belongings the underground galleries are located.


- It is not necessary to reserve the catacombs. In general, a good time to visit them (especially those of San Calixto) without large crowds, it is usually time to eat, between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm.

- Beware of people who suffer from a certain claustrophobiaWell, there are passageways and galleries that can become very narrow.

- You can take advantage of the trip to the area to also visit the fortified village of Emperor Massencio, Circus de Massencio, the mausoleum of his son Romula and the tomb of Cecilia Metella.

- Without a doubt, the best complement to make the visits to the city can be found in the following Rome guide

- More detailed information of the catacombs can be found at

But in addition to the catacombs, unknown to most visitors, in the basement of the Papal Tombs and the wonderful Vatican Basilica, is one of the best kept secrets in history


Therefore, if something is not to be missed on your next visit to Rome, specifically in the Vatican City, it is the Necropolis, which we talk about long and hard in the article The Necropolis under the Vatican, also in the Rome getaway 2008.

Unlike the catacombs (which is still an underground cemetery), this Vatican necropolis is in the basement of the basilica because it ended up being built on top of the graveyard that was primitively outdoors, by Emperor Constantine.

The peak moment of the visit is when, supposedly, you arrive at what is believed to be the tomb of St. Peter, after passing numerous pagan burials.

Possibly, of all visits, this is not only recommended but essential. Yes, reservation required (all the information to manage it HERE)

Do you fancy now discovering the secrets that hide the subsoils of the Eternal City? Are this Christmas a good opportunity to find your own flights to Rome? Do not forget to throw the coin in the Trevi Fountain to return ...

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