Finalizing trip details


Nerves, anxiety, exhaustion of the week, ... So we are in these moments. It has been a last week of very hard work but since last night we began to notice that restlessness and that tingling that precedes a new trip. The illusion is already seen in our face and everyone around us realizes.

About to get into bed, to try to sleep for a few hours, we took the opportunity to look at a couple of things on the flights, do a review of the inventory and put the last things in the suitcase.

Right now Ruth is preparing some tasty tuna tortilla sandwiches They usually accompany us on the first flights. It seems that time You will also be with us this first week, something to be grateful for.

We already have everything packed in the suitcases. The comfort of, in the end, having a car to take advantage of the time and to carry the luggage has made us not think much about the suitcases. We already have them closed.

As always, we say goodbye to friends for a few dates. Special we have found an email from Juan Torrón, a good family friend Cotters and Sequoias. Juan, in addition to being a born traveler and an adventurer, is a lover of Syria, where he has already been on several occasions. This is your email:

"Remember that the sky of Damascus saw an episode that few remember today: during a bombardment of Israeli aviation in 1974 - the Yom Kippur war - the Syrian air defenses were not, for once, totally devoid, and had manufacturing missiles Soviet, equipped with sensors capable of chasing Israeli bombers in flight; in addition, they left in the air the trail of their journey. Do you think the population of Damascus went down to the basements to take refuge from the bombing? On the contrary! Children , women, the entire city climbed to the rooftops and all of Damascus exploded in jubilation every time a rocket managed to defeat an Israeli plane.Rarely as in that episode will the congenitally playful feature of the war itself be revealed. Victory can be erected, in itself and by itself, in enough motivation, apart from other reasons that have taken the hosts to the battlefield.Say hello to Syria on my part. Do not miss a hamam of Aleppo whose name I am sorry to remember, but it is the oldest in the city and was located very close to the wall. And at night Damascena go to the Umayyad mosque, sit on the patio and contemplate the sky.A big hug, from the sadness of Madrid "

A big hug also for you, Juan (and for everyone). Laila Tiaba.

Isaac y cia, from A Coruña (Spain)