Gastronomy of the Middle East: Starters


Ñaaammm ... today that we are hungry, it has given us to look at the food that we are going to find on our trip, a new type of food very different from the one we were passionate about Japan (of the few places where we have enjoyed the funny ... and is that as in Spain you do not eat anywhere - and, as an opinion, purely subjective, of course-). Let's see what they look like (taken from Google Images)… We will divide the meals into three articles, in this we put the MEZZE (MISCELLANEOUS INPUTS), very typical in the countries of the Middle East ...

Salted meat and pine nut pie
HUMMUS Chickpea puree and sesame pureeBABA GHANOUG Eggplant salad or mash

Wheat salad, tomato, lemon juice, parsley and garlic
BASTOORMA Syrian sausage that is usually eaten for breakfastLABNEH Cheese with consistency of Yogurt that is also usually breakfast

Flat Arabic typical bread
BURAIK Meatloaf or CheeseBASTERMA Of Lebanese or Armenian origin, pastrami.

Puff pastry stuffed with white cheese and / or spinach
FATTEH Yoguth with garlic and hummusFATTOOSH Tabule with sumac (red species mix), tomato and fried bread strips

Beans, chili peppers, onion and olive oil
GALLAI Tomato, garlic, onion and peppers sauteed with cheese and pine nuts HALOUMI / SHANKLISH Strong, cured and fried Lebanese cheese in olive oil

Soft white cheese
MAKDOUS Mashed eggplant with vinegar, nuts and olive oil MUHAMMARA Pureed nuts and peppers

Fried eggplant and sesame
MUTTABAL Eggplant puree creamier than Baba GhanougYALENJEH Turkish-style stuffed grape leaves

And we could continue, for example OTHER MEZZE (s) would be the LIYYE (Sheep's tail fat with raw lamb entrails), BALIAH (Snack of salted and cooked legumes), MOSABAHA (Hummus with whole chickpeas) or TREEDATH (Egg, yogurt and meat) I have to say, that much of the information I have obtained thanks to the! GREAT !! web that is CCS TRAVEL, not only in his preparations for Syria and Jordan, but in all the stories of his travels. 100% recommendable. Continuing with the article, we see that as a Muslim majority they are, in neither of the three countries does pork eat or drink alcoholic beverages. so for carnivores like us, chicken - lamb or lamb - chicken. !! What a tandem! It is also common to take food with the right hand. We keep talking tomorrow about the main courses ...

Isaac and cia