Returning from Lima


What to tell of a long day trip back? Nothing different from other adventures. It is a day of sadness, tiredness and few words. 11h and 20 minutes separate Lima from Madrid On an exhausting journey.

Maybe it's fair to say that Iberia on this occasion "chapeau" has behaved both on the way (shared with LAN Peru) as on the way back, despite not being to our liking after the "misadventures" of DAY 1: NEAR DREAMS from SYRIA 2009 and of DAY 1: IBERIA, !! ENOUGH NOW! from MUNICH 2010. Punctuality and pleasant flights after the usual airport check-in procedures, controls, last memories (5.80 PEN) and payment of fees (USD 31 per head)

We have chosen the emergency seats (We checked online yesterday to secure them). The extra space they provide makes the flight much more comfortable and bearable. The flight leaves at 12'05 on time.

Gone are all those experiences and feelings of a new country traveled, from which as always, we take our own partial vision, that of that "colonial" cinema so helpless... or those cars anchored a century in the past

... or those "beaches" that far from providing a good bath they get 100% almost permanent occupation in the capital ... or also that curious way to enact "care" in the most intimate life

... or even that kiosquito of the "ancestors" of our friends "sequoias". But above all, that extreme poverty that we have seen in the vast majority of places, contrasted with the kindness and welcome with which the locals have welcomed us Everywhere. Thank you very much!!

We are going through the full Amazon, almost up to Manaus, the well-known Brazilian city. We have been traveling for several hours and, after a brief lunch, the dream begins to enter us ... zZzZz ... It is time to take a little head ...

Paula and Isaac, flying over the Atlantic

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 62 USD (approx 47.69 EUROS) and GIFTS: 5.80 PEN -approx 1.59 EUROS-