… !! and 100 !! Until always grandma


Since we have celebrated every birthday with you (and we will continue to do so because has your spirit, your name and your madness rope).Today you turn 100 and ...

All the faces around me are known
Worn places, tired faces
Early and bright towards daily competition
Going nowhere without a destination
Your tears are filling your glasses
No expression, no expression
I hide my head, I want to drown my pain
Without a tomorrow, without a future

The world is crazier than ever, even more than when you left. But now I think I have understood that it is time to start facing him with all this learning journey we have done together. That's why I think it's a good time to ...

… !! CONGRATULATIONS GRANDMA !! !! See you forever !!

P.S. This is a personal article, that many who follow us will always understand us perfectly and we would like it to be part of this website, like so many others ... of those we say ... !! not to forget !!