Mounu Island, a pleasant life


Paula gets up practically every day since we returned from there remembering her island. What a fuck! If we even put his name to our house. Kandholhu It was more than a paradise, it was a perfect stay, a rewarding experience, a necessary rest, a change of course ...

... today we remember her a lot, because unconsciously we are recalling our passage there on an even smaller island, Mounu Island, in the Vava'u archipelago where we arrived yesterday, and from where we reach to hear (and even see) Yubarta whales with their peculiar song dancing around us. It is really a unique place.

There is no better alarm clock than the entrance of the first rays of sun through our windows. He is the only one who tells us that it is time to get up, and not any horrible beeps, just as he lets us intuit what the day will leave us, and it is not that routine that we long for at all.


There is high tide at this time, so the water almost reaches our cabin. It looks like an openwater, like in Maldives!

In Mounu Island everything is like a dream difficult to imagine. As we open the door of the house, we already have our first coffee and tea waiting for us. The rest of the hearty breakfast awaits us in the main house, where Allan, Krystin and Lyn are already up


The clarity of the day leaves really beautiful colors around us, but what is it that we see? !! a taxi boat has arrived !! Today is Sunday, and in Tonga any lucrative leisure is prohibited, although transfers are allowed. The countries of Oceania in general are extremely religious, but Tonga takes the cake. Here they spend Sunday praying, singing and attending sermons. Almost like what we are going to do ...

... let's see, little beach for the left, front lagoon ... we believe that we already have some partial idea of ​​what could be done on a Sunday like today


As we have always made some friends. There is a small group of 8 Australians in the other 3 cabins on the island and a couple of them spent a year traveling South America (and was in the Antarctic, and half the world) and speak good Spanish, better than our English. While some of them decide to go to "mass," Paula talks animatedly in the main wooden house.

It did not take long to mount "our beach bar" and hit the first bath of the day (of the many we have given ourselves today). The tide has dropped leaving a perfect white coral sand


Most islands in the area are rocky and volcanic and have no beaches, there are hardly 3 or 4 that have it and one is Mounu Island.

In 2007, a finding impacted the world. In the Gulf of Arauco appeared Polynesian chicken remains that would prove the pre-Hispanic contact between Oceania and America and that would conclude that Polynesian navigators had contact with the Americas before even the Spaniards. We to ours ...


¿Someone could imagine a better Sunday plan? Jose, as a child at the moment nothing and the All Inclusive you claim we have changed "a little" ...

The truth is that we have been to many beach places in the world, since Mauritius Islands, Caribbean, the Maldives previously commented, the East Kenya coasts, Hawaii or the Red Sea, but Mounu Island has a concept that we love and different from Kandholhu herself. Nobody here serves you but the island is yours. It is possibly the place where Robison Crusoe has felt the most. Your coconut trees, your cabin isolated from the rest, your walks on the islands, your wine ...


The truth is that the idea of ​​trying to combine more economically affordable places with something more "capricious" is allowing us to reach places like this, which we would not know how to define


Although perhaps it seems reasonable in Mounu, due to the isolation of the place, but in general throughout Tonga, we did not find anyone, just a traveler with his backpack. We have had this same feeling in both Vanuatu and Solomon Islands, obviously in Tuvalu and somewhat less in Fiji.

Who if we had news is from Mar, the Spanish friend we met in Port Vila, which has given him madness and has abandoned his idea of ​​going to Europe taking some flights to Tonga and walks around. !! This hooks !!


No news from anyone in Samoa. Even so, we already have flights to leave on the same August 7 that we fly to Tongatapu. You have to stop in Nadi ...

Taking a walk on the island and walking its perimeter hardly takes 10 minutes. There is a more rocky and eroded area, although the part of the island where our bungalow is located is more privileged. As with the accommodations, we are trying to combine palicillas, cultural visits or lost places, with some relaxing days ... Today our list of animals increases. They are no longer just Tomasa, Tiburcio, Lucas and Blanes, Sebastián, Juancho de Maldivas and Pascual and Rockefeller de Uepi, here we have met the Hermit Bartolo, A whole character

We return to our "base of operations" after a "healthy" walk and have left us a gift. One of the coconuts (from so much coconut palm) has prepared it for us to enjoy gratifying sweet water.


It is time to eat. Lyn, Allan's wife is in charge of the kitchen, and it really does great and varied. Yesterday we ate a delicious pasta and ate fish, but they also prepared meat, lobster, delicious soups, chicken and all fresh and natural.

Allan gets back up and grabs the binoculars that always rest on one of the porch tables. It seems to have seen another whale in the distance. Her eyes are years of experience, because we can't see her. His story is also excellent since he arrived in Tonga more than 20 years ago. Together with Lyn, it was 16 years ago when they landed on Mounu Island and their thorough study of whales, their behavior and habitat has led them to be the precursors of one of the great landmarks of man in this area, although we will deepen tomorrow . TO Allan is seen as a great person, of those difficult to understand his philosophy of life, but of great merit for daring to break with his old bond of life.


The main house is the place where you spend most of your life with the family and with the other guests, being able to have a drink, New Zealand wine, check their library, read or just contemplate an exceptional place

Paula must have already "eaten" like three books on this trip. He loves to read. I think that is why, on this trip we have moved to technology and carry the books on your tablet, but it would be impossible. Isaac, who is less reader, I'm finishing the second part of "The Library of the Dead" called "The Book of Souls" and I'm really hooked ...


In addition to the activities of the main house, walking along the beaches of the island, diving, snorkeling and reading, On Mounu Island you can stroll along its small inland trails, full of life and vegetation. As in Kandholhu, here you can do without footwear at all times, and remember him again when you go (and after boarding the boat, since you arrive directly at the beach, without a pier in between).

It is on these walks where we have seen everything from hermits "weekend excursion" to large crabs that we would not know how to differentiate, as well as all kinds of birds. We can't talk about flora so much, because we wouldn't know how to distinguish between a pine and a fir ...


But Mounu also keeps a secret... although that, we keep it for us too

The sun begins to fall across the horizon. It is a good time to take the last glass of wine at the bar before dinner.

Here we have another good friend made these days. His name is Otto, and is the faithful dog of the family... although we do not know if it really distinguishes us or is simply guided by its smell, because its long curls barely let you see beyond its always sand-smeared hociquito. Another character is the cat "chiken" (yes, it is called "chicken"), which together with another cat and a parrot, complete the animals of the island, although more than a cat it looks like a cub, because of the way it sleeps (!! Tom, don't be blind !! you are more friend ...)


Today was possibly one of those days that every trip needs, without preparations, or flights, or visits, just for us and that's why we provide ...

We do not know what happens in Spain, We do not have internet (this story we do not know when it will be published), we do not know if we are already rescued, if we have won a medal in the Olympic Games, or if Madrid has signed a player for another aberrant amount of millions. Sincerely ... !! IT DOESN'T EQUAL! Sometimes we hope that this was not a trip and we could spend the rest of our days with this lifestyle ... but then the family appears, and we admit it, we are very familiar people ...


The sun says goodbye to us, with the confidence with which I enter in the morning through our windows. After Lorenzo appears Catalina, the one that the "grandmother cotters" sang so much in her popular proverb and that we remember so much. Family, friends, readers ... we are still great. Hopefully this little story is useful for all those who have become pessimistic (as we spend a certain time not too far back) so you know that with enthusiasm and push, and although sometimes it costs TOO, everything can be achieved ... and not we talk about money

Paula, do you hear siren songs? I think there is someone who quoted us tomorrow ... Good evening from the distant islands of Tonga

Isaac and Paula, from Mounu Island in Vava'u (Tonga)