What to see in Kanazawa in 1 day (essentials with map)


The closest we are going to be to the Sea of ​​Japan has a name and is Kanazawa with which it limits the west, in addition to being bordered by the Japanese Alps to those of us who are going tomorrow. The presence of the Kenroku-en, one of the most famous gardens in all of Japan, makes Kanazawa a must stop on our route to more traditional and inland Japan. Konichiwa everyone! We will enjoy the main attractionswhat to see in Kanazawa in 1 day from its gardens to its neighborhood of Geishas, ​​passing through a unique samurai district. REMASTERIZED 2017

Today has also been the hottest day (we feel heavy but if you come in August, be aware of the humidity). Luckily we come prepared and we have not stopped drinking and using those "magic" refreshing wipes.

Planning to see in Kanazawa in 1 day (with map)

We get up, close the bags, we put the stickers that we bring from Spain so they know in Edoya that they are ours (although it would not be necessary) and we prepare our mini-backpack for these 3 days in the Japanese Alps. If it were another country we would not dare to send them but here everything works like a clock. From there we approach to send the luggage from Kyoto to Tokyo from a Yamato Transport office that is nearby (2,740 and both)


A great idea to complete an itinerary in Japan that takes you to make different bases to Kyoto and Tokyo, without changing a suitcase for a backpack, it can be the shipment of suitcases between cities and then take a small backpack with change and toilet necessary for those days.

You have the instructions on how to do it with all the steps to follow if you need it

In 20 minutes we were already on our way to Kyoto Station by subway (210 Y each) and breakfast (juice for 120 Y). We have a reservation at 9'40 to go to Kanazawa and as we arrived a little earlier, We take the opportunity to reserve the routes from Takayama to Nagoya and Nagoya - Odawara, within a couple of days (all included with the bonusJapan Rail Pass)

The journey from Kyoto to Kanazawa, despite being 2 hours (225 km) in a Limited Express It becomes very bearable. It is also true that the headers we miss are worthy of the Olympics (the same ones that start today very close to here, in China). How do we organize? We tell you what to see in Kanazawa in 1 day, the ideal time to include in your trip.

The essential places in order that we would do would be the following:

1 Kanazawa Castle
2 Kenroku-en or "Garden of the Six Sublimities"
3 Oyama Shrine
4 Samurai District or Nagamachi Korinbo and Katamachi
5 Higashi Chaya or Gheisas neighborhood
6 Kazue ‐ Machi District

The Kanazawa Station It is gorgeous, worthy of a great architect. After a strong breakfast (807 Y) and take the tourist brochure in information, we reserve our journey from Kanazawa to Shirikawago (1,900 And each one) in the morning (from Shirikawago to Takayama we do not take it, since the only one that can be booked from here is the regular at 15:20 and we want to try to leave earlier to take advantage of the afternoon in Takayama, so we will improvise). From there today we will take a taxi to the hotel (940 Y) to take advantage of the morning.

We stayed at the Nakayasu Ryokan (You can read our Nakayasu Ryokan review). The first impression is excellent and its location next to the Geishas neighborhood where we will end the afternoon and the main attractions to see in Kanazawa, can not be better

A must see in Kanazawa: Kenroku-en and castle

The situation of our accommodation, as we told you above, is "not even done", in 5 minutes we put ourselves in the Kanazawa Castle Park that is just behind, incidentally we take the opportunity to hydrate (Coca Cola 120 Y and water 120 Y)

Today they have mounted a kind of contest-show of cheerleaders / dancers in front of the Kanazawa Castle 1So it’s very lively. A pity not to see him (they are rehearsing for the afternoon and he did not look very good). In the enclosure there is also the Oyama Shrine 3

But if something really worthwhile in Kanazawa is its famous garden, Kenroku-en 2 or "Garden of the Six Sublimities" (amplitude, isolation, artificiality, antiquity, abundance of water and wide views), a huge complex originating from the Edo period that is a true jewel. Ponds, streams, waterfalls, bridges, tea houses, trees and varied flowers. The entrance costs 300 Y per person.

If he Okayama garden or Korakuen We discovered a few days ago we were captivated by the charms of one of the three best gardens in Japan, today we have decided to enjoy another one with much less hurry. The gardens of Kanazawa are impressive. Here is even the oldest fountain in all of Japan. Maybe it is the day or the tranquility that it transmits but for us this may be the prettiest that we have seen although that photo of the background castle is missing.

As we read up to 63 types of flowers are born in this garden throughout the year. Moreover, there is a flower, the Kikuzakura, what It only blooms in this park all over Japan towards the end of April or beginning of May.

The day deserves it, today touches Spanish picnic (Sandwiches with Iberian sausage included that accompanied us from the first leg). Ice cream and water to make digestion (280 Y) with this we are ready to continue.

Without appearing to seem heavy, there are areas of the garden that are really impressive, in spring it should get impressive. He is also very careful (we observe several workers with "Vietnamese" hat cleaning and taking care of some areas). With this sure heat, in summer it requires a major maintenance to be as splendid as we see it (and we another aquarius to keep us alive also for 150 Y)

Kanazawa is not as big as we think, and you can walk anywhere. Next point of the day?

The Samurai neighborhood of Kanazawa or Nagamachi Korinbo and Katamachi

Another of the districts to see in Kanzawa has easy access from one of the park's southern exits. We are entering the Samurai neighborhood or Nagamachi Korinbo and Katamachi 4, at the foot of Kanazawa Castle, where the Samurais of the Kaga clan resided. Before we stopped to reveal some photos (1,120 Y) that we will use of postcards with our "masks" for being original this time (and here in Japan with the technology that is quasi-instantaneous).

The Lonely Planet of Japan, our faithful companion of each trip, is not leaving us happy on this occasion. It is a billet that covers all of Japan and barely partially passes through each site. In addition, in all places it says that there are many people and we have visited the garden and now the almost empty samurai neighborhood. Have they affected the Olympic Games that are being held in China? The fact is that he does not just convince us and he hardly has recommendations for reliable restaurants and accommodations.

The Samurai area continues to preserve a very traditional atmosphere, of narrow streets, small wooden and adobe houses and water channels. It is a pleasant walk, but ... there are no katanas !!, hehehe

A visit that we took advantage of and we were very curious, is the Namura's House (which currently has the third most important garden in a house in Japan). !! How cool! You have to see how they lived although it is not very furnished anymore, such a house would be well wanted for us.

The Namura were a high-ranking samurai family that was ruined, like many others, when the feudal age ended with the Edo period. The entrance costs 500 Y per person.

We change third to go to our last visit of the day. For this we take the GREEN BUS LINE, stop 6, until 22 (100 AND each)

The neighborhood of Gheisas or Higashi Chaya

In 10 minutes we are in Higashi Chaya or Gheisas neighborhood of Kanazawa. The truth is that, without having the charm of Gion, the Kyoto Geishas, this district manages to convey a very traditional and picturesque atmosphere. It was originally outside the city but its growth has introduced it into the current urban center. Important to know that the Geishas school of Japan is located in Kanazawa

This neighborhood is also known for its tea houses where ceremonies are still practiced today. Already put to visit houses, we enter Shima, to see a tea house and geisha.

It's starting to get dark, so let's take the opportunity to check-in at Nakayasu Ryokan (you can read our Nakayasu Ryokan review) Where we arrive in less than 5 min and write an email to the Edoya hotel that our bags are going there. Great room! Wide, futons a cool, separate bathrooms and decorated to the last detail. To have booked it at the last minute we did not expect it to be so good. We took the opportunity to cool down a little while the night begins to fall ...

Once ready, we have returned to have dinner at Higashi Chaya. Today, despite what was said before, we are going to give the opportunity to Lonely Planet of Japan We are advised by a restaurant that has been very traditional (since 1909), very traditional, on the corner before entering the main street. Is called Jiyuken and inside it is simple, cozy and offers western dishes adopted by the Japanese - beef stew, roast chicken, tortillas). It is also cheap (we have dinner for 4,660 two dishes each and two beers). After dinner, with a nice view at night, we will return tomorrow to get up early.

It is time to sleep. ¡Arigatooo !! The days in Japan become sooooo long and after a hard day enjoying the main attractions to see in Kanazawa in 1 day, get lost in its gardens, castle, samurai and geisha neighborhood, it is a good time to do some "ZzZzZ" before entering tomorrow in the Japanese Alps.

Isaac, from Kanazawa (Japan)

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