Return and travel budget by car


Every trip has a less desirable part of counting, the return. However, as we always say, for us this return home is the best day of any adventure and a good day to take stock of expenses especially, in this case, the travel budget by car.

Before, despite the New Year's Eve in Strasbourg, a last walk looking for breakfast where he took us to the liveliest area again.

Return from Strasbourg to Basel-Mulhouse, stopping at Ensisheim

When we decide the route of the trip through Alsace, we value several options for the last day. The first was to return from Strasbourg Airport as we did in the trip to Switzerland Last year, we had entered Zurich and left Geneva without extra cost. However, on this occasion, the addition of returning the car in another city combined with the high price of the flight made us discard it.

The truth is that flying with EasyJet has been very cheap, and although it may seem like a long route from Strasbourg to Basel-Mulhouse airport there is barely !! 1 hour and a half !! One idea was to approach the spa town of Baden Baden, but today is one of those days that you already know that you are returning and it is as if the batteries were deactivated. So we have taken the car out of the Strasbourg car park (29.80), Check out the Hôtel Du Dragon (highly recommended) andstopped in Ensisheim already around 12'00, already very close to Mulhouse.

As in Spain, in France new year's day closes all. However, we found a bakery where we have made a breakfast / meal for 16.90 EUR, both of which you enjoy as never before.

Already after noon we took an accommodation in the Ibis closest to the airport, he ibis Mulhouse Bâle Aéroport in the town of Saint Louis

He touched the sometimes complex process of returning the car

Travel budget by car and final summary

As we counted the day we arrived, Easyjet operates in the Swiss part of the Euroairport, and we also took the car on this side that are already prepared with winter wheels and vignette. !! But we come from the French side and we stayed in Saint Lous !! How do we deliver the car?

Well, we are not going to fool anyone, we had to take a couple more laps, haha. Between that we have gone to look for a gas station to leave it "full" (we only use a little more than a half deposit) crossed customs (mere "booth" without people) from Saint-Louis to Basel, then back to the airport and again up and down, we will have been in the "francosuizo" limbo a few times but ... nobody scares! It's all much simpler than it seems.

Photos of rigor (you always have to take them so that they do not come "surcharges" of any blow that you have not given), targeted kilometers and quick delivery of keys. !!All ready!

Summary and travel budget by car by Alsace:

Car rental (Audi A1) with RentalCars for 7 days … € 367.01 (€ 52.43 / day)
Public parking …  7 €, 2 €, 2€, 2€, 29,80 € = 42,80 €
Tolls … 0 €
Gasoline (just over half deposit)… CHF 48 = € 40
TOTAL € 449.81 (€ 64.26 / day)

Our rental included Winter wheels, vintagge, franchise and return coverage (You have all the information in)
The total kilometers made has been 455.10 km in 7 days, that is, a very very quiet route.

The rest of the afternoon (almost night already) we have taken advantage of it to pack a bag in conditions for tomorrow's flight (which is what the low cost has and its weight limits) putting all the "potricoles" that Paula has brought, putting a little Keys a day and having a very nice dinner in our accommodation, which has turned out to be a surprise to have one of the best restaurants in Saint Louis (42.60 EUR) and where we enjoy even a dessert Couland

Although our morning flight was not an early riser, it was our turn to do so. Blessed airport procedures! Of course, the transfer is included in the Ibis and is free (that's why we have chosen it).

Easyjet flight from Basel to Madrid

He Basel airport It is not as big as one might initially think. Though It is divided into Swiss and French part (and can be freely circulated between them), it hardly has more movement than Easyjet (which has mounted there base) can give it. The counters on the French side are "dead" and the Swiss area barely has any Swiss flights and little else.

A small breakfast (9.30 EUR), a little reading (Paula devours books) and good luck on boarding (they have checked the hand bag after passing us and ours is rigid and does not meet the strict measures of the clearance gauge EasyJet) are the summary of a punctual return of the Easyjet flight from Basel to Madrid lasting 1h 45 minutes

Although our adventure ends in Madrid, we have had a Very special epilogue at A Coruña Airport upon arrival. !!The three wise men!! They have landed after us from the East and loaded with gifts. Bieeeeeeeeeeeen! Paula, there will be more gifts in a few days ...

The trip ends. The towns of Christmas story are already history of this web, of our photos and of some small video that surely we mount. Colmar, Eguisheim, Strasbourg, Odernai, Riquewhir ... We would not know which one to stay with, but if there is a very cool route in Europe at Christmas that nobody has doubts, this is ... !! the route through Alsace !!

Isaac and Paula, already at home (Spain)