Oslo-Bergen train


Although our initial intention was to take a partial view of the Norwegian Fjords, the end of this complete route in Oslo takes us to the starting point of another, the Norwegian Arctic in just two days now. We come with a good tute and we have spent the night in the famous train Oslo-Bergen, so we took the opportunity to make that "kit-kat" necessary along the way hitting a whim called The thief.

Before, cities like Stavanger or Bergenand a multitude of scenic spots have satisfied (or much more than that) our initial expectations. UPDATED 2019

Overnight on the Oslo-Bergen train

He train Oslo-Bergen (or Bergen-Oslo, as you look at it) is considered the most exciting and beautiful railway journey in the world, and not only do we say it and Visit Norway, but has been recognized with prestigious travelers and magazines in the world sector.


There are other means of transport that you can book to make the transfer from Oslo to Bergen.

BUS: One option is to make the bus trip and NORWAY It is one of the companies that offers this service. You can also check information and companies that collaborate with VisitBergen to get around to Bergen by bus. 

FERRY (new): Or, if you prefer and have rented a car in Oslo, you can move in Ferry from Oslo to Bergen.

If you want to read more information about how to get from Oslo to Bergen Here you will find everything about the different ways of moving around and how to do it.

And after this paragraph, we tell you our adventure on the train from Oslo to Bergen.


Last night, when we started our route at 23'00, we did not think that a train that connects two cities of the same country could be so rewarding, and that we did its night version trying to sleep something, but the fact that the sun returns to peeking out the window at 5'00 did not help to have a "perfect nirvana". Of course, it served to "work" a bit ...

We talked about a 7-hour tour, which reaches points on its line at 1,222 m above sea level in its stretch over Hardangervidda, really spectacular, in Finse, and whose construction took !! 34 years to finish!

Buy cheap train tickets in Norway online: Do you know the "minipris" rates? The beauty of the journey, and this fare, is what we chose to choose the Oslo-Bergen Train as our travel option. The "minipris" rate is only available on the internet booking from and doing it well in advance can be achieved prices like NOK 249 per person that we have achieved with respect to the usual 829 NOK (we are talking about a saving of almost !! 150 euros !!)

The Oslo-Bergen train is comfortable, we are not going to fool ourselves. You have your blanket, your mask, your inflatable pillow, your plugs and your backrest to accommodate you. Finding your numbered car is also not complex since they are perfectly marked.


Between the car-beds and the "of the flat people" there is also a cafeteria that perfectly meets the needs we may have (NOK 58).


The punctuality "Norwegian" continues to surprise us, and it is not even 6'30 in the morning when this engineering work started in 1875, with more than 182 tunnels carved by hand, and with a century of history, allows us to reach the Station Central Oslo! That looks like an airport !! (We took the opportunity to have breakfast for 137 NOK)

If you want to read about what to see in Bergen or look for information about how much the city has to offer, we recommend that you go through our newspaperWhat to see in Bergen in 1 day, in which we tell what are the essential points of the city and how to visit the essentials in one day. If you are going to stay longer, do not worry, we also have ideas for those who want to extend their stay in this beautiful city.

Now we understand why Tom Hall, in one of his latest versions of the Lonely Planet, admits that this line will remain a long time in his memory.

The Thief, more than a hotel ... an experience!

Before coming to Oslo, it was clear that we would need a day to make a "kit-kat" on the way to the adventure that was to come. The Svalbard, the Norwegian Arctic, await us in two days. And Mordor ... not Oslo ... received us pouring rain

There were no doubts! It was time to circle on a different experience that Oslo could give the traveler. Thus we arrived at Claas and Jens, two people passionate about social networks and who wanted to have audiovisual material in Spanish and offered us the opportunity to get to know more than just a hotel ... a different experience! in a city traditionally forgotten by tourists ... and we changed the rain! BY THE SPA !!


Of the rest of the day we will tell you little, because We'll talk to you about The thief more details (UPDATED:You can read everything here all about The Thief) but we can tell you that! we have hit right! We are facing the only design hotel in Oslo, which becomes a true experience for the traveler ... but as An image says more than a thousand words




It seems amazing, but !! tomorrow they shine! We say the incredible thing because we are having a lot of luck on our rainy day, sunny day, being the key days of the best possible temperature (Preikestolen, Bergen, Flam and Naeroyfjord and tomorrow Oslo). Tonight is already open ...

We have left you a little surprise on social networks as a video, which we share here too. Family, friends, readers ... we are still great. Tomorrow we talk to you about the capital. As the great Luca Bocci would say, #Osloprometo

Isaac and Paula, from the night of Oslo (Norway)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: NOK 195 (approx. EUR 25.50)